One contact, total responsibility.


Our personnel are our most important asset! With a team like this, no challenge feels too great. We have several hundred years’ combined experience in tool manufacturing, and our expertise spans the entire field, from sales and design to manufacturing and measurement.

This collaboration creates the values that the Sivab brand stands for: professional pride, a sense of responsibility and an emphasis on quality in every decision and every detail.


Since its inception in 1996, Sivab has delivered to customers who place extremely high demands on quality, function and maintenance.

Our business concept is to be a leading supplier of advanced tools for sheet metal pressing to users with requirements for cost-effective processes in their production.

Quality & environment

Since 2004 and 2008, we have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 for the sale, design, manufacture and servicing of tools and production equipment.


For most of our customers, these certificates are a basic requirement.


Ethical quality label

R license is an ethical quality label that identifies and visualizes companies that have an ethical approach.
The license label R stands for recommended companies.

The Sivab Way

Our highest internal standards in terms of products, materials and approach are always included when you engage us. ‘The Sivab Way’ is an approach that begins with a clearly specified quotation based on computer simulations. This also comes with our combined experience and our way of thinking and solving complex tasks.


It is both secure and convenient to let us take overall responsibility for your projects. We know that our customers prefer a partner to a supplier. Our unassuming approach safely guides your project from the drawing board into production. We do what we promise, always focusing on the customer’s best interests.


Our mix of methods and components generates attractive pricing. With us, unique solutions and customization come as standard. However, unique need not mean special in every detail. Rather, it describes our way of combining standard components into a unique whole.

Our values

With our value base and ethical approach to cooperation, we are constantly developing our organization and employees.

By doing so, we are daring to guarantee increased delivery capacity while maintaining precision and accuracy.


Choosing us as your supplier of press tools is a safe choice. We take responsibility and deliver on our promises. We have devised an effective approach, with clear agreements and specifications. You receive regular update on how the work is progressing.


Thanks to our extensive experience, we believe we have unrivalled knowledge of tool manufacturing. We are well aware that the industry is making rapid advances. This is why we attach great importance to remaining up to date about the latest knowledge and machines.


We have both the power and the determination to succeed. We want this to be evident in both word and deed, from our first meeting to final delivery. We do not leave any details to chance.


We value long-term relationships and are loyal towards our suppliers, customers and employees. We also expect to be treated in the same way. This is how we create a winning team.